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Book Review on Karen Armstrong’s Islam: A Short
History and Stephen Tomkins’ A Short History of Christianity Religion is a set of beliefs followed by a group of people and it usually involves a set of moral codes and devotion to a greater force. The vast amount of religions allows individuals to identify themselves within the values of certain doctrines. By analyzing two books whose main subject is religion, it was possible to learn and comprehend two of the most popular religions in the world.
Stephen Tomkins’ A Short History of Christianity is a non-biased text where he carefully and meticulously explains the rise of Christianity as well as taking in consideration some other beliefs. On the other hand, Karen Armstrong’s Islam: A Short History, is a text that aims to diminish existing misunderstanding and misinterpretations of one of the world’s most important religions. For people who do not know much about the history of Christianity, Stephen Tomkin’s book is an excellent starting point, since it goes back to when Christians were Jews and both religions were considered the same yet “just one more new version of the faith of Jesus”(Tomkins, 76). It is important to say that people, who already know the Bible can also read this book for it gives specific details, and it accounts some historical limitations as well. For instance, he talks about Paul, one of Jesus’ apostles, and the letters he wrote to the church, telling and reminding people of God’s son’s miracles. “However we might explain such phenomena, it seems that onlookers saw what they understood to be miracles, as they had in Jesus’ time, and that this was crucial to the movement’s survival” (Tomkins, page 13). As we can see, he states the historical events yet he also acknowledges some restrictions, such as people’s opinions and interpretations of occurrences, making his text more accurate…...

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