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Indecisive: Essay on “Hills like White Elephants”
Communication is often mistaken by just talking and talking. We interrupt, advise, reassure, judge, analyze, criticize, etc. But, good communication requires good listening as well as talking. In the story “Hills like White Elephants” what seems to be the cause of the characters dispute is that neither of them can express themselves clearly to one another.
Although the story is basically a conversation between the American man and the girl (Jig), both have a point to say but does not understand each other. Mainly because the man has his mind set on convincing Jig to take the operation no matter what and that if Jig takes his option, their lives will go back to the way it was before. In the beginning Jig described the child she is bearing as a “white elephant” meaning, something not wanted. As the story progresses Jig then realizes that the child is not totally a white elephant. But she is not certain that if she took the man’s option, their life would be the same as he says. Jig does not directly says that she wants keep the child. Though she was giving small hints to the man but the man ignores this little action.
Alcohol played a big part in the story. They needed alcohol because the characters think that this will help them discuss their dispute or avoid discussing what they need to discuss. When Jig stated “I want to try this new drink. That's all we do isn't it- look at things and try new drinks?” She is as if accusatory, a passive aggressive way of saying she wants a change. At one point in the story, Jig realizes that talking will not lead them to any wise decisions and she asks the man to stop talking. When the man took their bags to other side of tracks, Jig was left alone giving her the chance to finally think alone. When the man came back, Jig smiled at him. He sees this and asks her if she feels…...

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