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How might these factors, diversity, attitude, learning and work styles, and ethical perspective be used to resolve conflicts?

People tend to work in different ways according to their life’s schedule. Some like to wait until the last minute because they work better under pressure, and the team members must respect that. Others like to take their time and have an assignment ready ahead of time. Both of these are perfectly fine. What we must consider are deadlines. To avoid conflict, we have to understand that there are due dates and we have to respect one another by completing our individual parts in order to achieve the grades we all want.

Attitude is one of the most important factors in teamwork. We all need to listen and try to understand each other. We must analyze everyone’s work and give good criticism instead of just rejecting someone’s work. Diversity could very much be a benefit to the team. We all should accept others for who they are and what they contribute, without judging the color of their skin or beliefs. We all come from different backgrounds and therefor have different ideas that could lead us to new and creative ideas that can push the team forward in whatever the task may be.

Everyone has different methods of learning. Some faster than others, this could definitely affect team building. We all have to be patient and help one another so we can all be on the same page to accomplish the same…...

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