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18: CHAPTER SPOILAGE, REWORKED UNITS, AND SCRAP TRUE/FALSE 1. Reducing defects helps to reduce costs, but does not make the business more competitive. Answer: False Difficulty: 2 Reducing defects does make the business more competitive. 2. Objective: 1 Reworked goods are unacceptable units of production usually not capable of being repaired or converted into a salable product. Answer: False Difficulty: 2 Objective: 1 Reworked goods are unacceptable units of production that can be repaired into a salable product. 3. The value of scrap material can have either a high or low sales value relative to the product with which it is associated. Answer: False Difficulty: 2 Scrap material by definition has a low sales value. Objective: 1 4. Normal spoilage adds to the cost of the job to which it is attributed in a job order costing system. Answer: True Difficulty: 2 Objective: 2 5. When calculating normal spoilage rates, the base should be actual units started in production. Answer: False Difficulty: 2 The base should be good units started into production. Objective: 2 6. Abnormal spoilage is spoilage that should arise under efficient operating conditions. Answer: False Difficulty: 2 Objective: Abnormal spoilage should not arise under efficient operating conditions. 2 7. A company whose goal is zero defects would usually treat all spoilage as abnormal. Answer: True Difficulty: 2 Objective: 2 8. Counting spoiled units as part of output units in a process-costing system usually results in a higher cost per unit. Answer: False Difficulty: 3 Objective: Counting spoiled units usually results in a lower cost per unit. Chapter 18 Page 1 3 9. Costs in…...

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...all...okay maybe not all, but many of us have been through a time in our life when you or your partner have realized it’s time to move on. It doesn’t really matter how long you have been with the person but break ups always sucks. It always seems like it is the end of the world. No matter what you do that person is in the back of your mind. Even things you see, smell, or even touch can remind you of what use to be. I can’t tell you how to get your ex completely erased out of your life but I do know of ways to keep him or her away from you living your life. Often, the hardest part about getting over a romantic partner is letting go of the person as an attachment figure which is a person who you rely on for support. Having others who we can trust to be there for us is one of our most basic needs as human beings. So a way you can detach from your partner is to train yourself not to rely on your ex by spending more time with other supportive people in your life instead. For example, research shows that parents, siblings, friends, and children can all make excellent attachment figures. So, visit your family. Have lunch with an old friend. Remind yourself that your ex is not the only person in your life who you can feel close to, and you’ll find yourself needing him or her less and less. It can also be helpful to get back into the dating world. This doesn’t necessarily mean jumping into a new relationship right away. It’s never good to rush love, and getting romantically......

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...took this opportunity to provide the best possible feedback. I learned a lot about my leadership skills that I never knew and I was grateful for talking to him about this. My partner gave me really good feedback that I really took in and listened too. I realized how important listening was from the readings as it is the central skill in the establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relationships, which in turn establishes teamwork. But most of all, listening to him and the details he describe about how I could improve myself really promoted problem solving abilities just like the readings mentioned. For example, he mentioned that I needed to better understand the different work styles of my group mates so I can better delegate the work when I’m leading the group due to the fact that some people like to finish their work early and some like to procrastinate. Another feedback was that I needed to spend the same amount of time working on a project as my teammates even if I am already very knowledgeable in that particular subject and it doesn’t interest me. One thing that I did well was that I showed genuine interest, didn’t interrupt him during this feedback, and also asked questions to further clarify how I could improve. I showed genuine interest because I really wanted to learn and improve myself which is also why I didn't interrupt like I do sometimes because I knew what he had to say was important. I could have done a better job of listening for what was......

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...customary income flow. This is an assured return income for seniors during their retirement. This is a secure form of investment scheme as since it is backsides by Government, so principal and interest is sured to be receivable. Who can subscribe An Indian resident who retired voluntary and attained at the age of 55years can subscribe to this scheme but specifically under voluntary retirement scheme. And anyone who is of 60years or above is able to open this account. Any person who is retired from some defense service is also able for this type of scheme. But those who are non-resident, HUF or have an Indian origin can’t subscribe to this scheme Current interest rate is 9.30% per annum compounded on quarterly basis and it may further get increased according to regulation. An individual cannot apply for loan against this purpose, loan facility is null for this scheme. So there is no scope of hypothecation of this deposit. George Foreman said; “The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.” He could not have been more right about income in retirement. Defined pensions are a lot better to look forward to in retirement than anything else. Features Eligibility You need to be a retired Resident Indian to open an account Entry Age • 60 years • 55 years for those who have retired on superannuation or under a voluntary or special voluntary scheme • The retired personnel of Defence Services (excluding Civilian Defence Employees)......

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...How to get motivated? Motivation is the reason behind a person’s actions or reactions. It is the driving force that makes people stroll along the path to success with ease, defying any obstacle that comes in their way. Simultaneously, it can also be the sole reason due to which a person develops an inability to succeed. More importantly, today we are going to identify why the latter occurs and how can it be rectified. Why does a person get stuck in a rut? Why does a person think that they can never achieve what they set out to do? Every now and then you, me and all of us set these goals of losing a couple of inches of fat, spending more time with our loved ones, getting the promotion that we’ve always been dreaming of. What is it that stops us from accomplishing these goals and how can we overcome this fortress of demotivation? Let’s have a look at some of the approaches that we’ve identified that could help: 1) ‘The Carrot and The Stick’ Approach: Usually, when people set out to strive for a goal they forget about the finer things in life and forget to relish what they have achieved already. On the other hand, when people become totally lethargic about having to do something and they simply can’t figure out a way to get themselves to start work then the best way to go about it is to follow ‘The Carrot and Stick’ approach to motivate themselves. In layman terms, the carrot is the reward and the stick is the punishment. This approach illustrates that a system......

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...Chromatography Aim: To test the purity of aspirin using chromatography. Vocational context The results which we have collected while doing this chromatography will be helpful to many different types of people. One group of people who will be interested in the results is doctors when a patient comes to visit the doctor with a virus or something the doctor can look at these results and they will be able to make a decision on how powerful the aspirin to give the patient. Another group of people who might take an interest to these results are drug testers Background science Aspirin also known as acetylsalicylic acid, is a salicylate drug, often used as an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains, as an antipyretic to reduce fever, and as an anti-inflammatory medication. Aspirin separates and decomposes very quickly in hydroxide and alkali metals. Aspirin is stable in dry air but gradually hydrolyses when it comes into contact with moisture Chromatography can be used to separate mixtures of coloured compounds. Mixtures that are suitable for separation by chromatography include inks, dyes and colouring agents in food. There is two phases the mobile phase which flows through column, carries analyte and the stationary phase which stays in a place, does not move. The separation of the molecules is based on the partitioning between the mobile and stationary phase. Chromatography is used in labs often to separate different compounds A TLC plate is a sheet of glass...

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...How Free Is ‘Free Speech’ When Society Disagrees? Free speech is a complicated issue, not just in the United States, but in many other countries as well. Unfortunately the freedom of speech is not as simple as saying anything at any time. While by law, everyone in the United States is entitled to the freedom to speak their minds, social expectations and mainstream culture restrict what people are able to say. However, as society has progressed many social changes have been made by people who have refused to be silenced by mainstream culture. Movements such as the Civil Rights Movement and the LBGTQ movement have been started by people who have fully used their rights to free speech. This means that people are free to speak their minds, however, mainstream society often restricts what they can say. The First Amendment states that: ‘Congress shall make no law… prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…’ (Amend 1) This segment of the constitution clearly states that by law every United States Citizen is entitled to free speech by the government. Meaning that the government cannot prosecute anyone for expressing their opinions. However, like every law exceptions are made to protect citizens. This encompasses all acts that are governed by other laws, such as slander and incitement to violence or rebellion. By having the government restricting only harmful or suppressive speech those wishing to express their opinions in......

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...Answer = quantitative because you can measure the dissolved oxygen and number of fish observed 2. Do background research – Utilizing at least one scholarly source, describe how variations in dissolved oxygen content in a body of water can affect fish populations. Answer = “Dissolved oxygen is necessary to many forms of life including fish, invertebrates, bacteria and plants. These organisms use oxygen in respiration, similar to organisms on land. Fish and crustaceans obtain oxygen for respiration through their gills, while plant life and phytoplankton require dissolved oxygen for respiration when there is no light for photosynthesis 4. The amount of dissolved oxygen needed varies from creature to creature. Bottom feeders, crabs, oysters and worms need minimal amounts of oxygen (1-6 mg/L), while shallow water fish need higher levels (4-15 mg/L)⁵. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi also require dissolved oxygen. These organisms use DO to decompose organic material at the bottom of a body of water. Microbial decomposition is an important contributor to nutrient recycling. However, if there is an excess of decaying organic material (from dying algae and other organisms), in a body of water with infrequent or no turnover (also known as stratification), the oxygen at lower water levels will get used up quicker ⁶.” ( 3. Construct a hypothesis – Based on your......

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