Huffman Trucking Service Request Sr-Ht-010

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Huffman Trucking Service Request SR-ht-010

Huffman Trucking Service Request SR-ht-010
Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company that provides carrier services for various vendors, including the United States Government. At present the company has a main office in Cleveland Ohio and hubs located in California, Missouri, and New Jersey (Apollo Group, Inc., 2012) . The ability to remain competitive relies on capable employees and efficient systems that operate at full capacity. The company is in the midst of developing the yearly budget and is examining all of the current systems in place. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has requested a full review of all the current telephone and data network systems in all locations. Along with the review, recommendations for changes are also required. This document will outline Huffman Trucking’s systems and identify areas for improvement to maintain the company’s high level of service.
Telephone Systems
Looking at the current systems in the four plants and offices one can see that all four of the offices and plants have different telecommunication systems. Huffman Trucking has locations in four states with offices and plants located in California, Missouri, New Jersey, and Ohio. Many of the locations are using wiring that is not adequate for the system to have the capabilities to function in a business capacity. The California and New Jersey locations use a plain old telephone system (POTS), Private Branch Exchange (PBX). When using the PBX system they only have a limited number of lines coming into the system, thus making it difficult for upgrading. Many of the locations do not currently have a voice mail feature on their telephones. have the abilities to even have voice mail on their original systems so they have had to use other way in which to get their voice mail. The system is also not…...

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