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According to passage 1, after all of its essentials, the nature of Buddhism is about selfishness. Since Buddhists advocate a theory of "elimination of birth and death and the neutralization of joy and sorrow" (Passage 1, line 5), which is against human nature, but satisfied their interest of themselves. Buddhism's theory also has a large influence of believing of next life, this made people believe that if they do not have a perfect life, they could give hope to their next life. So they would not struggle too much and this is what the government using to manipulate people at ancient time.

But a person can abandon everything including love, family, friends, but not food and water, otherwise this person is dead. which is saying that as a human being, eventually is depending on this world no matter what religions, what believes, so from this aspect, Buddhism is fundamentally unpractical.

Taoism has a different theory of that the reason of everything exist is for its opposite, in certain condition it will alter. And the relationship between positive and negative, a general relationship of everything in the world. Another theory of Taoism is largely accepted by the manipulate level to the manipulated level, which is to fool people. At the dynasty of Ch'in, in order to rule the country easily, there was a policy of burn books and bury Confucian scholars alive, so people would had no knowledge and willing to be slaves.

Sagas could be immortal is certainly a misunderstanding, since no one is immortal but

few are sagas, thus the conclusion of sagas by " Pao-p'u Tzu" is that the reason why to call Confucius and Duke Chou sagas, is not because of their immortal life, but is the wisdom and contribution to the society and countries that they lived in.

The writing known as "The Analects" was highly praised by each of the ancient Chinese dynasties, the reason why is to increase the stability of the society by introducing and educating people of Confucianism. Because the theory of Confucianism is to emphasize the structure of the society, that a person should be loyal to his father, but most important is to be loyal to the king or to the country. And further to this, the five Confucian virtues are recognized as the fundamental social morality at that time.

By comparing all the school of thoughts, Pao-p'u Tzu stated that " Taoism is the essence of Confucianism and Confucianism is an appendage to Taoism". (passage 2, line 14)And every school of thought including "Yin-yang", "Confucianists", "Mohism", and "Legalists" have their own shortcomings, Taoism has concluded or combined all the essentials from other schools of thoughts, and studying of Taoism is efficiency, applicable, and easy to understand.…...

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