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DATE: 4/11/12
SUBJECT: Toy Whistles
The purpose of this memo is to discuss possible alternatives for whistles that were produced with traces of lead that are above the legal limit. This problem was identified by the quality assurance department during routine testing.
There are three possible alternatives to address the problem regarding the whistles.
The first alternative is to ship the whistles as scheduled knowing the trace amount of lead is considered unsafe by U.S. standards. An advantage to this solution is that initially the company would not experience the financial loss of reproducing the product but there could be some legal issues as the whistles do not meet the manufacturing regulations standards. This could in turn result in more extensive financial expense from fines, legal costs, and possible recall and reproduction. Most importantly, this is a highly unethical approach to this problem. It is irresponsible to subject children to a product that can be potentially harmful to them.
The second alternative is to ship the product to a country where it meets the country’s regulatory requirements. An advantage is that the company will not experience any financial loss as the product will not be held to U.S. standards of safety. The internal damage from this scenario is that the quality assurance department will no longer deem the work they are contributing as meaningful. Most importantly, this is once again an issue of unethical practices as the company would be knowingly shipping product that can be harmful to children.
A third solution would be to reproduce and repackage the product making sure to meet the U.S standards of safety. This would cost the company $100,000 but would be the ethical decision. The organization would avoid all legal issues by this action and would maintain a positive reputation. Also, children would not be put…...

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