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I Would Not Get Another Tattoo

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Abraham Ramirez
English 121
5 March 2014 I Would Not Get Another Tattoo With respect to getting a tattoo, there are stigmas still attached to alterations performed on a person’s body. People should consider the personality, values, beliefs and aspirations to avoid negative outcomes in the future. I would not get another tattoo again because over the years I have learned that tattoos cause a bad image, as a parent it is not the appropriate mentoring, and it ruins the body as we get older. The first reason I would not a get a tattoo is for the bad image that others can perceive of me. For example, when someone attends a job interview, most likely showing a tattoo would not give the best impression. Therefore, most employers do not like the idea and ban tattoos and people who have them. In addition, companies create their own code of ethics and policy guidelines for employees. Tattoos are one of the things they discourage and an opportunity for employment is lost. In other words, the employers may wonder when communicating if someone should be taken in a serious way when tattoos are exposed at the interview. In conclusion, tattoos are still not accepted, they cause distraction and look unprofessional in a workplace and our society.
The second reason I would not have a tattoo is because of my son. As a parent I find the need to be a good role model for him. So, it is my job to get ready to face the challenge to explain why I got a tattoo. For instance, I bring my son to church on Sundays to create a good conscious about tattoos, “and you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah.” (Leviticus 19: 28). Meanwhile, if I keep the body healthy and clean without tattoos, it will demonstrate the good discipline of principles and values. Also, it gives me hope that my son’s next generation will be better without tattoos. Finally, tattoos and the complexity have failed in today’s society. The bible condemns cuts and the alterations in the body. And as a parent, I do not believe tattoos are the best perception for my son.
The third reason I would not have a tattoo is because a person can get to look older as they age along with ink in the flesh. For instance, when a woman decides to tattoo her pigmentation of the dermis, which is a cosmetic technique of beauty call permanent makeup. In a similar manner, a man decides to get a tattoo based on a personal experience. In both instances, the tattoos will wrinkle by the time someone reach fifty, the makeup will look old and nasty, and as far with the person and the reason to have one, it may not mean the same as when he was twenty. Subsequently, the ink inside the flesh over the years will fade out gradually. As has been noted, I believe tattoos become unrecognizable while the ink age, spreading in the skin and a middle age person can express extreme disappointments. Tattoos can turn out into something else never wanted, and the skin pigmentation ruined.
As for me, in the summer of 1989 I knew I wanted a unique tattoo, but I did not spend time to search for one. Instead, I thought the best decision would be to scroll over books or to look around on the walls for the perfect drawing at the tattoo shop. The spot I had chosen on my body was on my hand, simply because my best friend and I decided to do something different. Most people get their tattoos done on the chest, back or by their shoulders. Perhaps some people hide their realities, but “to me, the tattoos, and those who sported them at the time, seemed tough in a good way” (Janes 83). With one thing set in my mind against drawings symbolizing satanic pentagrams, demons or anything that represented hate or rebellion was the condition to move forward.
Afterwards, George and I got our first tattoos together. I felt great with the sun in my right hand which represents life, supremacy, energy, glory and is associated with power and good graces according to the Greek mythology. Two years later I got my second tattoo a representation of Jesus Christ in the Cross. Because of this, during the next 15 years I experienced pride, happiness, and great socialization with my friends. In short, I was convinced that I had nothing but positive things along my way and that there was actually nothing wrong with my tattoos. However, I started to realize that my tattoos were not the best decision I made. For this reason “in the years after, I lied to my friends about my feelings” (Janes 83). What I thought looked good on me suddenly started to feel uncomfortable. Actually, I knew I was different as maturity finally reached out to me. Indeed, the thoughts and ideals developed a different person inside of me over the years. As a result, I have noticed that having tattoos is not achieving those great expectations; in fact, they had created obstacles to move forward with my career and problems because the tattoo is exposed on my right hand.
Finally, “it’s true that you never know how radically your priorities or career goals will change over time” (Dolgoff 86). No doubt, there are many reasons to make a person think it is time to get a tattoo - a personal experience, the loss of a relative or a very close friend. Conclusively, it is best to try to foresee where someone would be in the future before making such remarkable decision in life. Works Cited
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