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Importance of Physical Therapy Physical therapy is very important in improving primary health care and improve the quality of life.Physiotherapists can work in areas,working with patients who have limited used of their own bodies due to injury or disability, a physical therapist builds flexibility,strength,and spirit preoccupied with pain relief and restoration of maximum functional level possible. Can also be used for different diseases in human body.Rehabilitation .their goals are to reduce the patients pain , to increase their range of motion,and to given them back their sense of self-determination Physical therapy can work in many fields. The first thing they do examination to identify the affected areas that may interfere with optimal motor function despending of the disease. Some diseases that can work therapy are arthritis, osteoarthritis and low back pain. Health history and the problems you are having. The therapist then do a series of tests and measures, and control your range of motion and strength. Once. Your care plan may include frequent visits to a physical therapist for weeks until you reach your treatment goals.
Physical treatment can reduce the negative effect depending on how they look in the PT can. Apply different treatment utlasound example, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, splinting, massage, hydrotherapys, warm pat, ice one different exercises. These treatments are carried right through a pta in compliance with the poc help muscle flexibility and reduce joint pain and inflammation and helps wounds and damaged tissues.

My interest into this profession has grown, I have chosen a profession that has future employment opportunities are very promising, in addition to salary and working hours are according to my expectations. I think this profession is…...

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