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Throughout evolution, suffering has formed an integral part of human experience. Time and again, the question is raised: Why does suffering exist in a world created by an almighty and all-loving God? Allowing suffering he cannot be all loving. If suffering is outside his domain, he cannot be almighty. The question seems insoluble, but only as long as we maintain that suffering is bad. Could it be that suffering has a purpose, may be even a loving purpose?

People from the east have long had an explanation for the cause of suffering and how to terminate it. Even Buddha keeps returning to this crucial problem. In his four truths and teachings about the noble eightfold path, he emphasizes that suffering is caused by earthly desires and that suffering only stops when a person has achieved complete awareness and has no desires at all. These thoughts seem odd to most Westerners. Let me therefore begin by describing the law that causes all this suffering. The initiates of the East call it the Law of Karma. In the West people call it the Law of Cause and Effect.


Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “action”. According to the Law of Karma, you shall reap in this life or the next as you have sown in this and previous lives.

Every thought, feeling and need impels a corresponding reaction. However, it is more the motive and intent behind a deep that impels a reaction rather than the deed itself. This is why a child only creates very little karma through his actions. This is also why deeds seeming good, but with an egoistic motive behind, only have a small positive effect. On the other hand, a police officer killing a potential evildoer to save a victim’s life will only face little karma. Krishna tells us is in the Bhagvad Gita: “One who acts by dedicating all activities to the Ultimate…...

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