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Task 1: Identify and evaluate your current leadership abilities. 1.1 Identify your current leadership skills and qualities.
Some of the leadership skills and qualities I’ve identified in me, are as follows: * Courage * Self Confidence * Intelligence * Knowledge * Punctuality * Humility

1.2 Rank your current ability in those areas.
If I was to rank my abilities, I’d do it as follows:

* Courage (5/10) * Self Confidence (4/10) * Intelligence (5/10) * Knowledge (4/10) * Punctuality (3/10) * Humility (5/10) * Commitment (5/10) * Patience (5/10)

1.3 Give reasons for your ranking.
I think I have the courage to do things but I lack the self confidence. I believe that I’m a little on intelligence and knowledge but I still lack the punctuality. I’m always humble towards others. If I commit myself to do a work, I dont leave it until its completed. I also believe that I have a lot of patience and am always willing to wait.

1.4 Support the reasons for your ranking with evidence.

Courage is what I believe I have, because it was not easy for me to travel to New Zealand, where I knew nobody. But I lack the self confidence which makes me feel somewhat shy to talk to new people. And also, I have good grasping skills and am a fast learner, which I can account into intelligence. But still, I have to learn a lot of new things which are not known to me. And I also feel that I need to be more punctual, not that I’m always late, but I dont want to miss oppurtunities by a little difference. I respect everyone and do not wish to hurt their feelings, and that’s what I believe, makes me humble.

Task 2: Design a plan to develop your leadership potential.

2.1 Identify your current leadership strengths.

My current leadership strengths are as…...

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