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Who wrote this document? Was this person historically important?
Fox Butterfield wrote this document titled, Lihua. Fox Butterfield became somewhat historically important due to the fact that in 1979 he became the first New York Times correspondent to be based in Peking or later to be known as Beijing, in 30 years. He later published, in 1982, his firsthand accounts of this experience in his book titled, China, Alive in the bitter sea. This is where he had published the account of Lihua and her Family. This could not have happened without Richard Nixon’s trip to China in 1972 that ended more than two decades of Cold war hostility. This trip allowed journalist’s access to china for the first time in two decades, and created an appetite for China. This appetite was insatiable after many of American top journalists describe it as like “going to the moon.”, and therefore when US – Chinese relations were reopened in 1979. Many top Journalists jumped on this, including Fox Butterfield. This was historically important because it gave firsthand knowledge of the struggles that occurred within Chinese society especially with the destruction of intellectuals in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and allowed for the first time in 30 years the ability for Americans to understand what was occurring overseas in China.
Relevant Events background
The Chinese revolution of 1949 was based on the majority of the Chinese against imperialism, feudalism, and capitalism. This was displayed quite well in the previous presenters by Mao in “the foolish old man“, speech in which Mao explains that the Chinese people hold two large mountains on their shoulders and one being imperialism, and “the other is feudalism.” However, afterwards much of the economic surplus was placed in the hands of the state for industrialization and in turn allowed elites the power to control. These elite found power and…...

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