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This paper is a detailed explanation of a Planetree project that I developed and carried out

in the course of my work at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I explain how I was able

to complete the project without the benefit of funds from the department. There are four

references that I consulted to develop ideas for the project.

I have clear memories of visiting the doctor’s office as a child. The frosted glass

partition between the receptionist and the waiting area created a boundary that clearly

stated “keep out.” When I asked my mother why it was there, she said because the

people working in the office wanted peace and quiet. I don’t think I fully understood

that explanation at the time, but I did understand that it meant they didn’t want to be

bothered. The breaking down of these boundaries is the heart of the Planetree

Patient-Centered Care Philosophy. The Planetree website states “Planetree is a non-

profit organization that provides education and information in a collaborative

community of healthcare organizations, facilitating efforts to create patient-centered

care in healing environments.” (Planetree, 2012)

In the course of my employment as an imaging technologist at the U.S.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs, two coworkers and I were picked by management to

create a Planetree Project for the radiology department. We were told that we should

keep in mind that it was the end of the fiscal year and that money was tight. I shrugged

my shoulders in disbelief and complained to my peers that we were being set up to fail.

I knew very little about Planetree and I knew less about what resources I had access to.

We had a month to come up with some ideas to present and I didn’t want to spend time presenting projects that could not be implemented.…...

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Hatufim – In der Hand des Feindes | Watch Episode | فيسو XS809HW ويفي فبف 0.3mp كاميرا طوي 2.4 جرام 6-محور الدوران سيلفي استطلاع بارومتر ارتفاع عقد أرسي كوادكوبتر g- الاستشعار رتف