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Assignment Two: Final Paper Heather Smith

Jour 3400 April 28, 2010

The largest paper company in the world sits right here in Memphis, Tennessee, International Paper Company. They manufacture in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa. International Paper was established in 1898 and has grown to house 113,000 employees. The company achieves their success from the goals they stand for: “Good corporate governance is the foundation upon which we build and achieve our goals. We create an awareness of the importance of diversity, ethical behavior and personal integrity, which are our foundation. We support hundreds of community-based educational, civic and cultural activities. We deliver the most current International Paper news to the media. We work in synergy with customers to deliver solutions that positively impact supplier diversity efforts” ( International Paper’s hard work ethic and motivation holds a great deal of their success as well. The company has a perspective called the “IP Way” which infers “International Paper is committed to continuous improvement in everything it does, and the key is the people who make up the company” (History of International Paper, 2006). The public they target is the workforce and workplace. The company puts a lot of focus and emphasis on diversity. They strive to promote the importance of diversity in the workplace by displaying an environment of honestly and vulnerability giving all persons a chance to embrace their future potential. “Their intention is to accelerate efforts toward building and maintaining a more diverse community of highly engaged employees by businesses hiring, developing, retaining and promoting talented individuals from many races and cultures”…...

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