Internet and Society

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Internet and Society

A growing body of research shows that internet has a huge impact on the society. Based on secondary data available with us, we are expanding the design of impact of internet with reference to youth in India.
The maximum usage of internet is done by Gen Y. They use internet for different purposes like Social Media, Email and chatting, Entertainment, E-Commerce and Internet Banking to some extent. We will be showing the fraction of the society using internet and also designing the impact of internet on the mindset of them. Both, positive as well as negative impacts will be drafted. We will be also showing the time spent by an average person on the internet.


The internet is an international system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite to connect users worldwide. It is composed of a network of smaller networks, from personal computers to large university systems, all of which are linked by various wireless, electronic, and optical technologies. The term “Internet” is the shortened from of the term ‘internetwork’.

Global Scenario & Indian Scenario
The internet today connects more than 2 billion people worldwide. The internet has a tremendous impact on global economy which contributes around 3 percent of world GDP. The usage of an internet has been predominant in India over the past ten years. Internet penetration in the country may not have crossed 16% of its population, but in absolute number, this percentage works out to nearly 10 times the population of Australia. By October 2013, three- fourth of its online users are under the age of 35. In a report released by IMAI, India has crossed 200 million mark, and will likely to reach around 243 million mark, to overtake the US as the world second largest Internet base after China. By 2015, however, there will…...

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