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Internet based companies today are on edge of this fact paced growing industry. Trying to increase revenue along with staying ahead of technology is becoming quite the task in itself. Google and Facebook are head to head now with Google leading the entire industry in revenue. The question to now ask is what should Facebook, along with other internet based companies such as Yahoo or Twitter, do to keep up and what strategies can be put into place to do so?
Overall, the typical internet advertising strategies are the same. You want to be clear you are covering all of the following: * Identify your Target Audience * Knowledge of who is paying attention to your ads * A receptive targeted audience will save time and money * Research and analyze the current customer base * Observe other competitors target markets * Consistency is KEY * Keep up with your marketing campaign/ads * Take advantage of where you are able to place ads but make sure you are consistent with the approach * Does audience know who the message is coming from? * Always be unique and focus on your strengths
(Google Ad revenue surges, 2012)
Through these steps, advertisers are able to promote a successful campaign ad. Now as the internet based companies who are PROMOTING their space in order for companies to advertise with them I believe you must take a somewhat different approach than the above.
Currently Facebook has a specific way of ad creation that differentiates itself from other sites such as Google. The current steps are that the business will create an ad then pay Facebook to deliver it to people who find it more useful. A HUGE advantage that Facebook has now taken a hold on is within the user profiles. Each Facebook user has a profile which states location, interests, hobbies, workplace, gender, age etc. and this information…...

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