Interview with Ronald J. Spaeth

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Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth
TJ Wicker
Kaplan University
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Healthcare leaders and medical experts have renounced their concerns about challenges ahead for healthcare and its leaders. The paper is meant to summarize, and explore the article and on Ronald G. Spaeth’s philosophies on healthcare, and examine Spaeth’s authority on business and healthcare through his education and works. He states that in recent years, healthcare institutions are now running more like businesses and that new healthcare leaders should already have a strong background in business. His methods of leadership will point out the limitations of healthcare institutions and suggest ideas for solutions that combine administrators and physicians working together on this problem. Ronald G. Spaeth has served on several boards and serves a president and chief executive officer of Highland Park Hospital (Highland Park, Illinois) merged with Evanston Northwestern Healthcare (Evanston, Illinois). Mr. Spaeth is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He earned his bachelor of arts degree from Western Reserve University in Ohio and his master’s in business administration degree from the University of Chicago in Illinois. He was also the recipient of the American College of Healthcare Executive’s 2005 Gold Medal Award, an honour conferred on outstanding healthcare leaders for their contributions to the field (Spaeth’s Argument para.1) Spaeth’s strategies as a leader for healthcare were having respect and admiration for the work of his physicians. He believed that no hospital administrators could achieve commiserate with them, and assist them as needed in their activities to make them more efficient. I believe his methods of management originate from a human relations school of management theory which emphasizes in the need to involve…...

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