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With the test results of these IQ tests, assistance is give to students who need specially designed instruction and strategies during their years of education due to their problem solving approach. IQ testing can also promote the growth and self knowledge of a person.
Not only can IQ testing assist in identifying learning disabilities of children, it can also identify gifted children. IQ testing can show when children are extremely developed ability in a certain area over another. If parents know what areas a child has a particular strength in, they are able to advocate for their children to be placed in advanced classes as well as more appreciation of their gift.
The aspect that is most beneficial from IQ testing is the information it supplies a person regarding their cognitive weakness and strength areas. IQ testing can show what areas a person is strong in can assist people to follow a pursuit within their education as well as also assisting in finding work in which they are matched up with. IQ testing can also elaborate and show what improvements in what areas can be made to increase development of a person.
IQ testing can also serve an extremely important role within the settings of a hospital. Individuals that possess a brain injury that is traumatic, or a stroke can show signs of a decline of their functioning in certain areas. With the information provided by IQ testing of patients with these issues, it can help doctors specify and locate the issues and create a better understanding of the problems.
Others have attempted to measure intelligence indirectly by looking at individuals' or group's educational attainment, although this risks bias from other demographic factors, such as age, income, gender and cultural background, all of which can affect educational attainment.[1]
Dissatisfaction with traditional IQ tests has led to the development of…...

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