Is E-Mail and Web Usage Monitoring by Employers Ethical?

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Eni Ceca Is e-mail and web usage monitoring by employers ethical?

All of us have witnessed the rapid growth of information technology, especially during the last decade. Obviously, two of the major inventions achieved by the advancement of information technology are the Internet and Electronic Mail (Email). Internet and Email have already attained a very high level of usage by people of different age groups and in different countries because of the benefits and convenience they offer and the decreasing costs of usage. Internet is developing as a powerful tool of entertainment, communication, trade and research. Thus, it is becoming an essential and integrated part of the business process. The invention of Internet has given rise to several ethical issues, one of which is concerned with the privacy of Internet and email users. The focus of this paper is narrowed to the issue of email and web usage monitoring by employers, which is on the rise not only in USA but also in most of the other countries.
This paper will carefully elaborate the ethical implications of email and web usage monitoring by employers and at the same time argue that the practice of email and web usage monitoring by employers is unethical. J.S. Mill's Theory of Utilitarianism provides for the grounds on which a clear distinction between the ethical and the unethical can be made. Mill's theory claims that a behavior is ethical only if its consequences result in the greatest utility for the greatest number of people. According to Mill, humans project their actions based on the desire to achieve some specific final goals. He defines actions as simply means to a final end. Therefore, the morality of an action should not be judged by the action itself. Instead, the outcomes that result from an action should be carefully analyzed in order to make a judgment of the morality of that…...

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