Is Higher Education Worth the Price?

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Is Higher Education Worth the price? In America’s society today, students are expected to follow the path of day care, grade school, middle school, high school and hopefully college. Higher education has always been the gateway of accessing higher salary occupation. But the question I have always asked is that does the cost of higher education worth the price? College education is becoming more expensive than ever. Back in 2001, it took the America average family less than 25 percent of their paycheck to go to college. Today, it takes 40 percent of their paycheck to go to college. This is an indication that college education cost is on the increase. My friend David who was a college student four years ago is still paying his student loans accrued during his first attempt at completing an undergraduate degree that was defaulted due to the inability to repay the debt. Some individuals believe that college is more than the topics you learn from a book. It should also be used as a tool for social and cultural growth. But, how do you put a price tag on those life lessons? For some individuals, financing college is not a problem. Money should not be a factor in the decision-making process when choosing what school to attend, but unfortunately many people are unable to attend the college of their choice due to the high costs. Excessive debt doesn’t sound appealing to anyone, no matter how you say it or no matter the reward. Working a forty hours a week job, only to have bills and enrollment cost consume your entire check definitely makes this a tough decision. Does a college cost worth the time and energy put forward on the hopes and dreams that a degree will make life a just little bit easier? Can I really get the job I desire after investing so much time? School not…...

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