Is There a Significant Correlation Between the Number of Building Plans Being Approved and the Number of Companies in the Construction Industry Being Liquidated

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The construction industry is competitive and volatile. Owners of construction companies need to look at certain factors to help them predict the market. One of the factors that they can look at is the number of building plans being approved. It may be argued that if more building plans are approved there will be more work for the construction industry and therefore less companies in the construction industry being liquidated.

The question therefore is: Is there a significant correlation between the number of building plans being approved and the number of companies in the construction industry being liquidated?

For ease of reference “Building Plans” will mean the number of building plans being approved and “Liquidations” will mean the number of companies in the construction industry being liquidated.


All data used in this assignment was obtained from Statistics South Africa ( and extracts thereof are provided in table format in Appendix A. The time period under evalution is January 2000 to October 2011. The raw monthly data was used.

The null and alternative hypotheses are:

H0: There is no significant linear relationship between Liquidations (dependent variable) and Building Plans (independent variable).

H1: A significant linear relationship exists between Liquidations and Building Plans.


1 Description of data

Excel was used to calculate descriptive statistics for the Building Plans and Liquidations. The results are as follows:

|Liquidations |Building Plans |
|Mean |24.18309859 |Mean |6716.640845…...

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