Is There Really Celebrity Justice?

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Is There Really Celebrity Justice?
Under the United States Constitution it states, that all men are created equal. Numerous, people believe that all are not equal, and all are not treated the same in today’s so-called “equal” justice system. “There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has” (Cole 3) In one source, many people argue that our criminal justice system is based on the premise and promise of equality before the law, but at times predicate on the exploitation of inequality (Cole 5) Some feel no matter the crime, the rich and famous will find a way to settle out of court, pay off witnesses or just erase some or all charges against them. Celebrities get the best lawyers and the best chance at justice that money can buy”. (“Times”)
There are many court cases that lead people to believe the justice system is unfair. Celebrities, in the eyes of the public, receive less time than the average American citizen for the same crime. Furthermore, celebrities also receive more publicity than the average American citizen. Why do celebrities receive more camera time and less punishment time? However, our judicial system claims that all men are equal in the court of law. For example, in the court case of Marcus Dixon, a high school football player at Pepperell High School in Floyd County, Georgia, the state Supreme Court sentenced Dixon to ten years in prison. He was a black athlete accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old white girl in a small Georgia town.
In addition, many believe that the justice system is not equal because of the outcomes of celebrity court cases. Some may disagree with the fact that celebrities get special treatment in the courtroom, but their court cases seem to prove contrary. Celebrities in America are able to get any and everything that money can buy. Hence, wherever they go they get…...

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