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Scope Document and Project Charter

ITT Capstone Zeno Solutions, Inc

1. Purpose

The Technology Director for the Northeast Independent School District wishes to implement three fully functional labs for various groups of high school students within the district. This infrastructure will be critical in supporting the education of the students. This infrastructure will require email capability on both client and mobile devices, as well as secure authentication. Because this lab will be used by various students and various instructors, a user guide Web page will be necessary.

2. Goals and Objectives

Our goal in this project is to recognize the school district’s needs in regards to the three fully functional labs, to identify the number of work stations, and to provide the best solution to the customer in terms of hardware selection, reliability, affordability and ease of use. We will provide this to the school district with a competitive rate, and with the quality and expertise that our company is known for.

3. Success Criteria

In undertaking this project, success can be defined in a number of ways. A successful project is one in which our goals are clearly defined, the customer is involved in every step so that they know what it is we are accomplishing and it is up to their standards, the work is performed fairly and effectively, we complete the project on time and within budget, and where all parties are satisfied with the work we have completed. Work is to be completed no later than May 6th, 2013. Budget is not to exceed $600,000.

4.Project Context

We will be performing our duties on the project in accordance with our Zeno Solution’s goal. Our goal as a company is to provide the best level of service to our customers, in a fair and honest way, at competitive rates. Any work completed must live up to this goal in order to be considered successful.

5. Project Deliverables

Within the scope of the project, we will be delivering certain items, henceforth referred to as “Deliverables”. These deliverables will help to both give an outline of the work to be performed, but also to provide specific information in regards to prototypes, quality assurance plans, training plans, disaster recovery, network layout & topology, and budgeting.

6.Scope Specifications

* Identifying equipment to be upgraded, and removing this equipment from the site. * Installing new equipment as listed in the documentation * Performing configuration of new equipment to meet client’s security and functional standards.

7. Out-of-Scope Specifications

Example of out-of-scope tasks would include:

* Removing old cabling in offices.
Installing miscellaneous software not agreed upon beforehand.

8. Assumptions

In working on this project, assumptions will be made and documented. We assume the following:

* Delivery of equipment, such as routers, cabling, computer hardware, monitors, etc, will be on time and undamaged. * We will be given adequate access to the building (including all rooms, stairways, parking spaces, storage areas, etc.) in order to perform work. * High-speed Internet access available from City Network

9. Constraints

The following constraints will be in place during the project:

* Time available to work by project members. * Budgetary constraints. * Supplier constraints (for example, we are constrained by the limits if any, our suppliers face with stock). * Unforeseen disasters (i.e. Hurricanes, wildfires, etc).

10. Risk

As with any large project, a certain number of risks are inherent in the work that we intend to do. We will try to identify any risks, the severity of those risks, and any possible action that is to be taken to mitigate those risks.

* Customer will not adapt to the new system quickly, needing more training. * Team member may be unavailable for their portion of the job. * Technical issues may delay the project. * Natural forces, such as tornadoes, hurricanes or other unforeseen acts may delay the project. * Monetary issues may delay the project.

11. Stakeholders

Listed below is a list of the stakeholders in this project. * Parents * Teachers * Students

12. Recommended Project Approach

For the completion of this project, we will first analyze the current setup of the three fully functional labs and determine which equipment and methodologies are due to be upgraded or replaced. From this point we will create an upgrade plan which suits the school district in terms of technological solution and meets their budget requirements. We recognize that in a functioning lab, stability is a requirement, and so we will be using equipment and technology that is proven to be reliable and up to today’s standards.…...

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