Issues in Aging

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Health Issues in Aging

The Aging Musculoskeletal System

January 19, 2014

The human musculoskeletal system is the organ system that gives humans the ability to physically move, by using the muscles and skeletal system which, as the name implies consists of the muscular system and the human skeleton. Bones are connected to each other at the joints by ligaments or cartilage and skeletal muscle is attached to bones, usually by tendons. With advancing age, all tissues and organs suffer many changes in the normal way it functions and the muscles normally suffer the most damage. Research indicates that the aging of the musculoskeletal system starts usually after age 30 but it may start a little early or later in different individuals depending upon their genetic makeup ,dietary and environmental factors as well aslifestyle choices.
Commonly Observed Changes
Some of the most commonly observed changes in the anatomy and physiology of musculoskeletal system with aging are: a decrease in the total amount of muscle fibers due to the depressed productive capacity of cells to produce proteins. In addition, the size of muscles cells, fibers and tissue; this is also knownas generalized muscular atrophy. There is total loss of muscle bulk, power and strength of all major muscle groups like deltoids, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and other major muscles. One can also expect wasting or wear and tear of the protective cartilage of joints that normally acts as a shock-absorber and gliding agent that prevents the bone from frictional injuries. Another change is stiffening and fibrosis of connective tissue that decreases the range of motion and makes movements more painful and less efficient. Research was conducted by C. Jean De Rousseau and it was suggested that wear and tear changes develop far more rapidly in the spinal or vertebral region especially thoracolumbar spine when…...

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...Franco, Reina L. Mrs. Luningning O. Marcelino BSN – 4B, B1 Ageism - also called age discrimination is stereotyping of and discrimination against individuals or groups because of their age. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify age based prejudice, discrimination, and subordination.1 Gerontology - is the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging. It is distinguished from geriatrics, which is the branch of medicine that studies the diseases of the elderly.2 Geriatric Nursing - Nursing care of the aged patient given in the home, the hospital, or special institutions such as nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, etc.3 Issues Facing the Elderly Being old can mean being sick, poor, hungry and depressed, even in developed nations like Australia. What are the issues? In Australia, the ‘elderly’ is generally a reference to people over the age of 65. Lots of over 65ers lead healthy and empowered lives, and many are involved in community volunteering. But for the elderly, health can be a big concern. Their bodies are more susceptible to illness, they may be physically frail, and many are on medications which are costly and ongoing. An elderly person who is able to fund their own retirement is called a retiree. This means they had a job that paid them enough superannuation. Someone who is unable to fund their own retirement, and is paid welfare money by the government is called a pensioner.......

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