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The purpose of this contract is to provide Umbrella Auto insurance with Network Infrastructure for its new office at Stoughton- MA, within 2 months at cost not to exceed $75,000. The building consists in 3 offices, one customer service and one first floor. The building shall be fully outfitted with the latest Network infrastructure, highly available, fault tolerant, extremely secure and capable of providing the high quality technology required to run the latest generation of data, voice and video applications.


• #2 2000-square-foot, 3 offices , 1 customer service, 1firstfloor
• Offices will include the desktops, printers and cabling
• Costumer service will include printer, desktop and 1 laptop with wifi connection
• Fast-ethernet.
• Switches
• Equipment rack
• Patch panel
• Cables
• Wall plates


* The new Umbrella Auto offices consists in 3 offices (A-B-C), 1 customer service and1 first floor. * Office A has a dedicated Telecomm wiring closet. The rack has 12RU of space dedicated for installation of network equipment. * Data Centre is located on the 1st floor and has its own data server runinng. * Vertical backbone cabling * Horizontal structured cabling and will be based on CAT-6 to perform a better quality * Approximately 15 different users are expected to occupy this office with different schedule

* Wireless Network

This network also includes implementation of a secure managed wireless LAN infrastructure based on 802.lla/b/g wireless technologies covering all areas of the office space

Installation and Configuration of Equipment

* The contractor shall be responsible for physically installing all equipment at the appropriate locations as requested by the company * Configuration of all active components shall…...

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