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Trident University
Laura Rudyk
Module 2, ITM501
Dr. Sam Biragbara
7 September 2014

Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. BI applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining. Business intelligence applications can be mission-critical and integral to an enterprise's operations or occasional to meet a special requirement, enterprise-wide or local to one division, department or centrally initiated or driven by user demand.
This term was used as early as September 1996, when a Gartner Group report said: By 2000, Information Democracy will emerge in forward-thinking enterprises, with Business Intelligence information and applications available broadly to employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, and the public. The key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. Making sound business decisions based on accurate and current information takes more than intuition. Data analysis, reporting, and query tools can help business users wade through a sea of data to synthesize valuable information from it - today these tools collectively fall into a category called "Business Intelligence."(Rouse, M. 2013) Business intelligence focuses on the particular field of data processing and consolidation to retrieve information for decision making. The overarching objective is to provide—via various solutions—the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Doing…...

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