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Jail Responsibilities Monique Priorello September 23, 2012

One of the main responsibilities of a jail is to give the officers the correct “Police Correspondence” courses. This is because these courses give the officers the effective basic training that they need to do things such as; Writing of Memoranda, Police Reports, and Civilian Letters. What needs to be done first is make sure that there are NO errors. This means in spelling, punctuation, price, and grammar. These should be thoroughly, and constantly, edited. Another thing is conciseness; this means it should be brief or limited in words. Although, concision does not mean deleting words that count just to make your statements ‘rough in manner’. Officers should avoid tired old phrases, also known as triteness. Examples of these are; “in the final analysis”, “cold as ice”, “hard as a rock”, and “last but not the least”. They should also avoid misleading expressions (euphemisms) such as “meet our Creator” which means death and “Policy of Disinformation” which means lying to the public. Weak phrases should be avoided also. Weak phrases are ones such as; “wealthy business person”, “Carrying a child” and “one year old boy”. Instead, what can be used are phrases such as “tycoon”, “pregnant” and “one year of age boy”. Police officers must NEVER discriminate because of gender. Neutral terms should be used to manifest, fairness and equality between sexes. Examples are; “If a woman drives” to “if a person drives”, “man-made” to “artificial” and “manpower” to “human power”. A memorandum is a note, or reminder that one wishes to preserve for future use. Its various tense forms may be done by shortening memorandum to memo. Memorandum is definitely singular while its plural form is memoranda. The tone of a memorandum from a subordinate must always be formal, whereas official of equal positions the…...

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