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Bible study Galations 5 and 6 3/22/12
Christ has set us free: What has Christ set us free from? Stand Firm
2-5: If you are accepting anything to be required for salvation apart from the free gift of salvation then you must keep all of the jewish law as well. 5 says we wait for the hope of righteousness. As a Christian you do not attempt to produce perfect lives on your own efforts but our hope is in God.

“It takes a moment to bring someone out of slavery but it takes a lifetime to take the slavery out of the person”

-salvation, then sanctification…waiting on God to make us right….at our death we will be made right before God not because of what we have done but because of Jesus’s righteousness (Galations 2:20 for it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me) When God sees us on the day of judgment he sees Jesus.
6: only faith working thru love (producing love) counts…For it is by faith you have been saved

13 You were called to freedom, brothers. Do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh (this is just another form of slavery)
--The Christian life is the only way to resist the slavery that the world offers.

Obedience is not a means for justification but it is a crucial component of the Christian life.

16.17 Spiritual warfare….examples? Go to Ephesians 6:10-18 ( The only offensive weapon is the word of God) ( Make War video)
19: reminds us of our moral depravity! But there is a danger in a list of rules

piper example: For example, if our problem is that at root we are very proud and self-sufficient people, and a moral authority like Paul tells us that kindness and faithfulness are virtues, we may very well train ourselves to do kind things and to keep our promises so that we can be proud of ourselves and feel morally self-sufficient before God and man. Then the list of virtues would not have helped us overcome…...

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