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This would be the first week of university after a month long break with peak winter and when it came down to the selection of subjects, I straight away took the leadership management coursework thinking of nothing more then what dad has always told me as a kid, “Kalyan, being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be ahead of people and lead them alone, it means that you have to lead them in a way that the people think about you as a leader as long as they are alive. Legacy, Kalyan is the quality which determines the leaders in people. When you do something for the people in your walk of life, do it in an exceptional way that they will not forget what you have done for them and at the same time do not expect anything from them.” These words were very inspiring for me as a kid and these are the words followed by hundreds and thousands of students over 40 years of experience from a teacher whose values and principles are very particular. I’ve seen him change and mould the careers of many kids over the years with this inspiration and build an empire for himself with this burning desire for leaving a legacy behind. I’ve never understood the value of anything when I was a teenager, the reason was my dad, he was behind me without me noticing him. He was my shadow, my strength and the greatest support I have in my life.
When this class of leadership had started and in the very first week of the class when the professor started asking the class about the different leaders and who is the most inspirational leader in one’s own life, I just had a flash of memory which went past and the only thing I could realise was, how spoilt I was as a kid and how my father kept on pushing me time and again for me being in the position I now stand and how he inspired me and gave me all the ideas and tried to put me in a virtuous direction and I was always taking it in the wrong sense…...

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