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Having our on-the-job training at Baham Travel and Tours is such a wonderful experience for us. The employees were all friendly and they welcomed us with great pleasure. It was been a great experience of my life, not only I had the chance to worked with other people but also I learned so much not just in the work field but also things about myself. I also learned that management is very important it resembles respect for others and good image for me as an employee. Having a job in a certain a agency made me like a real professional, I got the chance to communicate with people much older than and with much higher position not only in the agency but in standing in life. The worked I experience in the Baham Travel and Tours is a very good training ground for because i experience variety of technical job, clerical work and i got to communicate and approach different type of people in the office. One of my favorite part of it was when our agency volunteer help packing of relief goods for the victims of typhoon Yolanda . I just felt good s person to help out one another.
My OJT is not only a requirement for my subject but also one of the greatest experience of my life.
I started my OJTlast
Since it was our first time to work in an office, we are very shy to communicate with the employees. But as long as we get along with them every day, we were able to overcome that shyness and feel comfortable being with them.
This OJT helped me a lot in realizing how people worked inside an office, how to interact and communicate with the employees and even how to formally answer the client.
1.was our starting date in our OJT at Municipality of Malilipot. we had the same routine everyday. Everyday we try to be a helping hand to our supervisor in all her work. We organize stock-up files and group them according to its information. almost every transaction in the office is paper based.

I logged in at exactly 8:30 AM in the morning We did nothing all day since we have nothing to do.
And that’s it for today
- I went to office just to attend only
The whole day passed by and still we didn’t do anything. It’s a Sunday and all agents and some supervisors are off. Before we got home= so we have to take our lunch break now.
So me and rejane go to Jollibee to buy foods and then returned to the office after eating we continue working on our task
That’s we did for today yet we didn’t noticed the time passed by.
We logged out at 9:15 PM in the evening and went home.
It was a great day for all of us here in IT department. =))

week we focus on data gathering and observing the process in the office. and taking down all the transaction there which is needed in our system. end-was the last day of our OJT in , Baham Travel and Tours I am so happy i successfully completed the required number of hours for our practicum. Ever since the day 1, our supervisor ma’am Hamida Cale Demuna was always very supportive. She made us feel welcome and comfortable inside the office. Thank you ma’am Heidi for everything you did for us, the tips, the free snack , the advises you given us and all the smiles we shared together.
When i was in the second year level i always see the OJT as a requirement for a subject for us to graduate. But now OJT is experience that will teach you so many things that sometimes you can't find it in books, it is lesson that will widen your understanding in life and as well to other people. It is our training ground before the great battle. Now i can say i am almost ready for my bigger battles in life. Thank you for the experience and memories.

as an OJT trainee I have learn a lot not only on handling the hardware and software of the computer but you should also consider the patience and understanding of whatever you do and you should give love to your work for you to accomplish your work in good ways and do your duties and responsibilities. This OJT gives me a lot of experience and develop desirable traits of a future office worker and my personality as well as boosts my self-confidence in the workplace. My first Activities to do is to encode and print sorting of records And I learned how to operate the via portal. Every time that we do some works, they observing us if how we work well. I enjoyed my everyday works because I've done it very well. I have learned a lot about the flow of the office works because this may take advantage and improve some of my abilities.

n this company i learned how to:
•refill an ink - though it was an easy thing to do but it made me smile when i experienced it :)
• entertain with clients
•work under pressure
•make a deed of sale, Cleaned up and arranged the filling cabinet Photocopying Sending memorandums in other offices
Filing Documents. In my first month some of my accomplishment are
Fixing Files
Scanning Files
Encoding names of clients
Sending files via fax
*Photocopying files
*Organizing files
*Operating the computer when they have a client
create january sales printing files Photocopied different documents
Assigned to go to hotel Load customers using their loading System
Repairing Printer…...

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