Julian of Norwich

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Julian of Norwich

Some personal details

Name- Julian of Norwich, Lady Julian of Norwich
Birth -8 November 1342(Norfolk)
Death -8 May 1416 (aged 73) (Norwich)

A brief history about Julian of Norwich
As the history is a treasure trove with interesting and fascinating descriptions of the people, who has done a great service to the world, unfortunately some great people were not written or mentioned anywhere, yet their great devotion and the service can be enjoyed even today. Julian of Norwich was one such character; fortunately the world has many important facts and information about this wonderful person,
The Christian church will never forget the name of this great anchoress, who was born in Norfolk in 1342 and died in Norwich in 1416. Julian has been venerated in the Anglican and Lutheran chapters, as one of their most important mystics. Though her writings have done a great deal of impact on the Christianity, Roman Catholic Church did not give her full recognition.
The Christian world has a little knowledge about this great lady. Even her name was not known even today. The name “Julian” has been given to her, because her living place or the cell was fixed to the wall of the famous church, the St. Julian in Norwich. Her date of birth and other details are merely suggested and it is believed that she was from a wealthy family of the city. There was a plague in her city, and lots of people had to die as a result of a deadly outbreak of a certain disease. Some scholars argue that Julian was an orphan. They further argue that she had to become an anchoress as a result of those hardships.
The historical event was started, when she was about 30 years old, she was suffering from a certain illness and it was very critical. Julian was at her death bed with only god beside her as her sole survivor. On her…...

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