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POLICY Acceptable Use for ICT Facilities (for Students)
Purpose Student users of Özyeğin University computing and network systems, facilities and services are bound by the rules and definitions outlined in this policy. All the facilities provided to students by the University are designed and implemented for the ease of use, ease of access, faster communication and higher productivity. Compliance with this policy and proper use of system resources are vital for success. Therefore, the University has the full authority and right to audit, while providing wide and secure IT facilities. Scope All applications and usage relating to IT facilities provided for students. Validity This document is effective as of the date it is uploaded to the system. It is revised and updated in the first two months of every year and when necessary. Only the latest version on the system is valid. This is why printing the document is not recommended. In the case that a printed copy is used, it is the user’s responsibility to check the document’s validity through the system. Definitions Computing and Network Systems: Includes LANs, wireless and modem connections, on-campus telephone system, faxes, printers, plotters, scanners on the network as well as all types of communication, printing and publishing devices that work off-line. Facilities All IT facilities and services either provided on-campus in laboratories, libraries and/or any other on-campus locations or provided off-campus through remote access Spoofing The act of constructing electronic communications to appear as though they came from another party. Snooping The attempt or act of unauthorized monitoring, recording, or disclosing another user’s communications, personal files or usage traffic. Spam Unauthorized and unsolicited electronic communications including unauthorized bulk email messages of a commercial, political, lobbying, fundraising nature; chain letters or electronic “petitions” asking recipients to forward messages by promising either good/bad luck, unauthorized virus alerts, unverified public service announcements, and any other unverified or unauthorized electronic communications that are not listed here. Hacking The act of gaining unauthorized access to university computers, networks,

information systems and / or other user accounts, via a local or remote communication network. The Policy Any variation to this policy must be approved by Information Services. 1. Agreement to this policy All students are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of this policy from the moment they logged on to the university system or started to use the IT facilities of the University. 2. Use of Facilities 2.1 Students gain access to the IT facilities of the university upon enrollment after they are issued with laptops, usernames and passwords by signing the relevant forms. 2.2 The university offers all its IT facilities for academic purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use the IT facilities of the university for any other non-academic purposes, personal gain or consultancy. Limited non-commercial personal use is permitted. 2.3 Students should not abuse, through excessive use, any facilities made available to them. The University reserves the right to impose limitations on the use of information resources, such as Internet downloads. 2.4 Students are required to manage their allocated network disk quota including email accounts, keeping within the quota limits allocated. 2.5 Students cannot use the facilities for any purpose that is unlawful, unethical or immoral. 2.6 Students cannot reserve or stop others from using common IT facilities including computer workstations, printers, plotters etc. 2.7 Students are required to abide by all applicable rules of access for laboratories, classrooms, libraries, meeting rooms, and group study rooms etc that require special access rights. Otherwise, students are personally held liable for any loss or damage to the equipments in such premises. 3. Electronic Communication 3.1 Official correspondence from the University will be forwarded to students’ e-mail accounts. Students are personally liable with regularly checking their e-mail accounts. Email accounts must be managed to remain within the quota storage requirements. 3.2 Electronic communications must not be constructed to appear as though they came from another party, or from an anonymous source. 3.3 University email services must be primarily used for academic purposes. Limited non-commercial personal use is permitted. 3.4 University email services must not be used to send spam. 3.5 Email 3.5.1 Email is not private. Students acknowledge that it: • Belongs to Özyeğin University • May in certain circumstances be accessed and reviewed by the University; and • May in certain circumstances be inspected by parties outside of Özyeğin University, for example, in the event of litigation. 3.5.2 Students agree to use the University email system with due diligence as per the guidelines set out in this policy. 3.6 Copyright, Illegal and Unacceptable Materials 3.6.1. Students must not copy or participate in any activity which involves copying the University software onto removable/portable media without authorization from the copyright owner. Any such action is in breach of the law and against the policy of the

University, and such actions can expose the student/s to appropriate disciplinary measures. 4. Security 4.1 Students will not attempt to access any areas for which they are not authorized. Even unsuccessful attempts will be considered breaches. 4.2 Students must not permit or aid unauthorized third persons to use the IT facilities of the university. For this purpose students will not disclose or let other use their passwords and will take reasonable precautions to protect their passwords. 4.3 Özyeğin University systems administrators may access students’ accounts, email and storage areas when necessary for maintenance, to ensure the security of data and integrity of the system or for backup purposes. Such information is the property of the University. 4.4 Students are not allowed to connect, disconnect and/or modify any hardware or software on Özyeğin University IT facilities without the authorization of Information Services. 4.5 In case of any breach of the aforesaid rules, Özyeğin University Information Services has the right to terminate user accounts and start an investigation. 5.Breach of the rules and penalties 5.1 Breaches of the policy and rules may be treated as misconduct under the Özyeğin University Disciplinary Regulations as well as the relevant provisions of the Intellectual Property Law. 5.2. Academic staff, security officers, Information Services staff and other administration staff are authorized to execute, reinforce and police the student acceptable use policy.

I accept to abide by the rules of the Acceptable Use of IT Facilities Policy (PROS.BT.02).
Student’s Name and Surname: ………………………………………… Student Number: …………………………………………………………………….. Signature: ………………………………………………………………………………… Date: ………………………………………………………………………………………….…...

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