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Have you ever looked at your hair and thought "what in the world did i do wrong?" You just don't know what's wrong so you buy all sorts of hair products and it gets worse? Well I have a couple tips from what you should do to your hair to what you shouldn't even think about doing. First of all your hair doesn't only depend on what you put in your hair but what you put in your body. For example eating salmon, beans, eggs, and milk helps your hair grow healthy and gives it a natural shine after
6 months if you keep on eating these foods. You should also drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Studies have shown that massaging your scalp helps blood flow through your head which makes your hair grow longer.
You also need to take care of the outside of your hair. Make sure to stay away from heat! Straighteners, curlers, blow dryers etc. These will cause split ends and your hair to dry out. Make sure that if you do use these products to deep condition your hair a lot but not too much. Certain hair products are supposed to be really good for your hair follicles and helps rebuild them. Another important product you should stay away from is hair dye and bleaching your hair. These will completely dry out your hair and cause it to break.

Try to use natural hair products as much as you can. For example putting coconut olive oil is one. However the best one is the natural oil that comes from your scalp. It's all natural but everyone produces it at a different pace. For most people this oil produces within 2-3 days of not washing your hair. So you should limit the number of times you wash your hair to at least every two days. If you feel uncomfortable or nasty with all the oils in your hair; you can always use dry shampoo to dry it out a little. In order for your hair to look the healthiest you should trim the ends at least…...

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