Key Factors and Unvarying Issues of Boeing 787

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Introduction ..................................................................................... 2 
Key factors about strategy ............................................................... 3 o Rare........................................................................................ 3 o Long ....................................................................................... 3 o Comprehensive ...................................................................... 4 o Ill structured ........................................................................... 4 
Unvarying issues............................................................................... 5 o Competition ........................................................................... 5 o Constraints .............................................................................6 o Unpredictability ..................................................................... 6 
Conclusion........................................................................................ 7 
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The Boeing 787 (or DreamLiner) is a long range haul developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was called firstly 7E7 “E” for efficiency) but it was changed to 787 in January 2005. Actually there are 4 existing variants of this plane, proposing different sizes, length, seats (from 210 to 330 seats according to Wikipedia), etc… It is still in development, flight testing and early production. According to Boeing itself, it launched this plane to respond to the overwhelming preference of airlines around the world. Boeing doesn’t hesitate to highlight the new technologies developed by Boeing and…...

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...Boeing 787’s problems blamed on outsourcing, lack of oversight Issue Boeing 787’s problems including the battery issue blamed on excessive outsourcing and a lack of oversight which introduced the quality issue. Boeing contracted with 50 top tier-1 suppliers, which is a totally different approach than it used in the past. Rule When a company outsources most of its operations, they need to have a proper oversight in place to monitor their partners. In Boeing’s case they needed to vet their tier-2 and 3 subcontractors from quality and capability perspective. The oversight team should have been composed of multidisciplinary experts, especially the supply chain manager. Also when you outsource, you need to work with your internal employees proactively to assure their job security. Finally, be open and transparent with your customers and discuss the impact of the outsourcing. Analysis Boeing took very different approach with 787 program than its 737 program. They almost doubled the outsourcing strategy with 787 program. Supplier relationship was purely contract based in 737 program while in 787 program they made them strategic partners with tier-1 suppliers and their responsibility was to develop and produced a section of airplane while in 737 program they developed only parts. In 787 program they have only 50 tier-1 suppliers while in 737 program they have around thousand. Also the supplier contract is fixed price and penalty for delays in 737 program and in 787 it is......

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...Global Partnering: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Story? VERSION 1.2 This case was prepared using publicly available information by Sveinn Vidar Gudmundsson, Professor, Toulouse Business School, France. It is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. Copyright © 2015 S V Gudmundsson, Toulouse, France. Global Partnering: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Story? C28-1-2015-1.1 "In retrospect, our 787 game plan may have been overly ambitious, incorporating too many firsts all at once -- in the application of new technologies, in revolutionary design-and-build processes, and in increased global sourcing of engineering and manufacturing content." Boeing CEO, Jim McNerney Speech in the Wings Club of New York on November 11, 2014 When giants learn to dance The world's second-largest commercial aircraft-maker, Boeing a Chicago-based aerospace giant, was founded in 1916 in Seattle by William Boeing. In 2013 the company earned $86.623 billion in combined sales for defense and commercial aircraft divisions. The U.S. aerospace industry achieved $273 billion in sales in 2013.1 All told, Boeing and its subsidiaries employ 168,000 (160.000 in 2009) people. Boeing is the 24th largest U.S. employer, including private companies and government. Boeing, with almost half of its workforce located in Seattle, was adamant that modern economics dictate a new strategic model for the company,...

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...The Pennsylvania State University Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering IE466: Concurrent Engineering Individual Homework #1 – Boeing 787: The Dreamliner Boeing 787: The Dreamliner Case Study (download from Angel) During the past decade, Boeing watched as their competitor, Airbus, launched several new and very successful aircraft. In 2004, Airbus surpassed Boeing in commercial airplanes delivered and future orders placed. This is the first time that Boeing has ever lost its leading market share. The 787 is the first new airplane that Boeing has introduced to the market in a decade. This case study examines how the 787 is strategically transforming Boeing’s approach to aircraft design and development, and Boeing itself. Questions for Boeing 787 Dreamliner Case Study 1. Is the 787 appropriately positioned in the marketplace with a high likelihood of success? Why or why not? The Boeing 787 is in fact positioned in the marketplace with a high likelihood of success. The 787 has a good design, and the aircraft is designed in a way that is tailored to its customer. Composed of a new material composite, the aircraft has a lighter weight and higher fuel efficiency than any other aircraft. The aircraft also made sure the composite materials are non-corroding so that the aircraft lasts longer. It has a unique feature both for cargo and passengers. The seats/cabins are bigger, and new technology is installed for the...

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Boeing 787 company to pay the sum insured stating that he had an insurable interest to the extent of what he was contractually entitled. Note: 1. 4,200 was recoverable because he was contractually entitled to this amount and he stood to suffer by virtue of the loss of a legal right. 2. The fact that the assured was promised that the debt would not be called in was immaterial as no consideration had been provided and it was not legally enforceable. 3. It follows that the right to a salary is a legal right arising from the contract and that such contract gained for personal services would expire on the death of either party. Furthermore, the employer has an insurable interest in the life of the employee. (Key man insurance-companies insure their key personnel) Note: 1. There is a divergence between theory and practice. For example, group insurance policies where the nature and value employee has an impact on the premiums paid and the assured sum. See the cases of Green v Russell and Marcel Bella Ltd v Haden where the sum insured bore no relationship to the pecuniary interest of the employer. Note also JA s96 which expressly states that sub-s1, which requires an insurable interest and which outlines the ambit of the act, does not apply to group insurance. T&T 124 Debtor creditor relationship A creditor assurity has an insurable interest in the life of the debtor. If the debt is to be paid by two or more persons jointly, it will also support “good”......

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