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The European government

The EU is a partnership between 27 European counties it was created after world war 2 (in1958) , it was brought in to make the counties become economically independent with each other as this will encourage to prevent conflict with one an other. It is spread across six different countries Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The EU provides peace, stability and prosperity to help inprove living standards, Because of the change in the EU border laws people can now travel freely throughout the majority of the continnents and it makes it much easier for people to live and work in different europen countrys. As the EU continues to grow, they remain foucusing on making the EU more transparent and democratic this means more power is given to the parliament.

The EU have certain symbols so that the public will reconginise them the most famous one is ‘the circle of yellow stars on a blue back ground’ they have 12 stars on the flag these symbolse represent unity, solidarity and harmony among the people in europe.They also have a motto at the EU “unitred in diversity” this represent how europeans have been brought together from the work at the EU.

The EU is funded from different things such as a percentages of the fund comes from the countrys ‘gross national income’. All the money will be a contribution from each countries therefore a percentage of the vaule added tax is levied by each country. This money is spent for a variety different things from rural development and environmental protection to the borders and promotion of human rights. Although it hasn’t always been as simple as that since the european central bank erupted in 2008 but since then all have been working closely to help support the rise inn growth and emplyment.

The population of the EU continues to grow at the moment it cover 4 million km and…...

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