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Integrative Network Design Project
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July 30, 2012
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Integrative Network Design Project
This paper will discuss Kudler Fine Foods desire to upgrade their current outdated infrastructure with current technology that will let them stay competitive in today’s market. In order to do this they will need to tie all three of their existing sites together using wireless and VOIP technology.
Distributed Computing
Currently all three of the Kudlers facilities utilizes a distributed computing system using the same configuration of single server and multiple pc’s, each with a single UPS and 56k modem for connectivity. The computers are connected to an Ethernet backbone (typically a hub that is not very efficient in handling network traffic for many computers) and the 56k modem is the only external connectivity that the sites have.
Centralized Computing In order to bring this system up to standards they will need to update to a more centralized computing system which all computing is done on a centrally managed computer system and the users use a dumb terminal (thin client) to connect to these central computers. The cost associated with this has been reduced over the years and was only used previously in enterprise environments but now more businesses are moving over to this type of system.

Network Topologies
Kudlers three offices use almost identical setups for their servers, POS systems and their site connectivity. They all use the same bus (Hub) connection for onsite connectivity using outdated equipment that has several drawbacks. This type of network is very hard to troubleshoot and if one system goes down it could cause other issues.
La Jolla
Novell 4.11 Server for POS, 5 Windows X workstations running POS software, Windows NT Server running Winfax pro and CD-ROM reader, Win 9x computer with office…...

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