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A great band
Actually I am a zealous person when it comes to rock music. Although there are many great bands and singers who have done great things in the past, the most impressive one for me is nirvana. They represent the working class and the singer kurt cobain went through a lot of depression and pain and eventually kill himself. When it comes to nirvana we have to invoke the soul of band kurt cobain who he had an un happy childhood. And place he grow up is Seattle was always violence, but when he touched the guitar , it brought peace and relieved him stress and pain. Lately he formed the band and had some performance . gradually he got more and more success and won some fame that he could never image before. I know the fame and money is supposed to bring great joy to a person in a short time . but if you are not suitable to bear these invisiable things . it will devour your soul. Especially like Cobain suffered much pain, he was very clear about what he needed. For some people have a fragile spirit. Love is key medicine . but fame dosen’t consist of love and only has profits.
Naturally , when he met his lover and fell in love with her, they had a baby. That was possibly the happiest memory of his whole life. But good things never last forever. The taste of the mainstream had changed and he was now gaining popularity in the alternative movement. As a consequence, they were not satisfied with the albums produced under the direction of their record company, who still wanted the “mainstream” sound. In answer to this, they released an album where the cover was a picture of a baby using a rope to catch money in the pool. This demonstrated Nirvana’s feelings about the record company ‘s greed and not the band’s artistic goals. The truth is the minority force could never against the major group
That ‘s reason lead him to disorder eventually. Even that he become…...

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