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The commence of People’s Meter has completely changes the media planning scenario in Pakistan providing the accurate and real time ratings for TV. Talking about Radio which has a significant market in Pakistan but still media planner is having a challenge to measure the rating for it.

Arbitron, A consumer research company in United States have developed an innovative and unique technology called the Portable People Meter (PPM). PPM is a unique audience measurement system that tracks what consumers listen to on the radio, and what consumers watch on broadcast television, cable and satellite TV. The Portable People Meter is a pager-sized device that consumers wear throughout the day. It works by detecting identification codes that can be embedded in the audio portion of any transmission.

The Portable People Meter system consists of several components: * Encoder, which is installed at the programming or distribution source to insert an inaudible identification code into the audio stream; * Station monitor, which is installed at the programming source to ensure audio content is encoded properly; * Portable People Meter, which is worn by a consumer to detect and record the inaudible codes in the programming that the consumer is exposed to; * Base station, where each survey participant places the meter at the end of the day to recharge the battery and to send collected codes to a household collection device known as a “hub;” * The Portable People Meter System in Action
The Portable People Meter System in Action

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