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1. Ileana is in the first stage of labor
2. Being 9cm dilated, 100% effaced, and -2 station means that her cervix has shortened and thinned out 100%, widened to 9 cm and the baby has descent and is presenting in her false pelvis which is above the ischial spines.
3. Being a multipara means that her progress in labor could be reduced to one to two hours.
4. It means that her cervix has widened and thinned out enough to break her water, also now it has exposed her to uterine infections.
5. The most important action is to continue monitoring FHR, document time and color of fluid.
6. It means that the baby is not getting enough oxygen, the baby is in some kind of distress.
7. The fluid being clear and green means that the baby has passed meconium and is exposed.
8. The cause of her deceleration was from the uteroplacental insufficiency
9. Early deceleration caused by fetal head compression.
10. No action needed at this time.
11. A vaginal examination is done to make sure she is 10cm dilated. Notify Dr. and assist Ileana in a comfortable position and encourage her to push, as she likes to push, as her body is telling her.
12. Encourage parents to express their feelings as to why they wanted a boy rather than a girl and explain sometimes that the ultrasound may be wrong in determining the sex of the baby, because of fetal position in utero.

7. -2 station _____ Ischial spine
8. Cause of deceleration is _____insufficiency
1. 100% effaced means? (2 words)
2. Fluid clear and green
3. Ileana is 9cm dilated meaning?
4. What stage of labor is Ileana in?
5. Name of deceleration
6. Cause of Early Deceleration is _____…...

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