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LAN Consulting Plan
February 26, 2012
James (Garrett) Miller

LAN Consulting Plan

Data Assurance:
1. Backup system:
a. Type?
Backup of data will be done with the Norton 360 version 6.0 antivirus protection suite provided backup utility, Symantec Backup Exec. There are two types of backup for this network. The first is a digital tape drive backup that is located on site for intermediate recovery based on the disaster conditions. The second backup is a mirror backup on a bank of servers at an external site to ensure the security of the data in the case of total disaster of the network site.
b. Backup Schedule?
The backup schedule will be determined by the importance of the information. Business critical information will be backed up at the completion of the task. A scheduled mirror backup will be done daily during the off business hours. c. Backup Data Storage plan?
The first backed up data will be stored on an independent server drive using RAID at the main site location for ease of access in the case of an independent component failure. The second backup will be also use RAID and be stored at a different graphical location than the network.

Data Integrity:
1. Antivirus system:
a. Type? Norton 360 version 6.0 antivirus program is installed at each geographical location including the offsite backup of the network. This security protection will provide virus protection, spyware protection, and scan incoming and outgoing e-mail.
b. Scan Schedule?
The anti-virus software will be scheduled to scan incoming and outgoing e-mail messages. It will also scan packet files as they are received. The program will be scheduled to scan the whole system every night when the business operations have ended for the day.
c. Quick reaction plan for system(s) infection?
The protection program will be directed to attempt to repair any infections found as a first resort. If the infection is not repairable by the system it is then directed to a quarantine file for further review by the IT technician(s). As a last resort to protect the system the program will be directed to remove the infected items from the system.
Data Reliability:
1. Disaster Recovery Plan:
a. Site location? The offsite recovery backup data is located at a remote company location (NAS) designed especially to house the backup data servers of the company. It is designed this way to keep the information safe in case of a geological network failure.
b. Data/Systems replication plan?

i. Systems:
1. …The network data is copied from the main data storage located at the Central Office to the external backup location using Veritas Replicator. This program is additional security software from Symantec that coincides with the virus package.
2. …The Operating Software, Windows 7 premium, the development software, and all other business related applications have been copied to disk. One copy is located at the central office for intermediate recovery needs. The other copy is located at the backup site.
3. The employees use a thin client platform that retrieves the information from a central server. On hand replacement servers will initiate the repair of the network in a timely manner.
4. Repair tactics or replacement thin client system components, to include monitors, hardware, and printers to recover the critical business functions will be available at the remote location. …
5. The routers necessary for the fast recovery of the business operations will be available at the remote location for quick replacement.
6. The switches that are critical for the fast recovery of the network will be available and located at the backup site.…
c. Full site recovery schedule?
The full site recovery schedule will begin with identifying the disaster and will focus on the recovery of the critical business systems that are needed immediately to ensure business continuity. Once the business is running the focus will be on restoring and recovering the business essential and secondary aspects of the network. i. Services Recovery Priority: 1. Business Critical systems?
The business critical systems include a power supply, the primary database located in the Central office, the critical presentation servers and databases located at the central office. A goal time to recovery these systems is within 36 hours. 2. Business Essential systems?
The business essential systems include any remaining presentation servers and application servers necessary for the continuity of the business practices. Must be restored starting at 36 hours and within 5 days.

3. Secondary systems?
The secondary business systems include any repairs or replacement of hardware and replacing of cords, cables, misc. Can be restored in as little as 5 days, but may take longer.

2. System Redundancy protection:

a. Fault-Tolerance systems?
The fault tolerance is provided with the use of the RAID technology which provides redundancy and speeds up data transfer. b. Load balanced systems?

The load balancing on the network will be accomplished using routers, such as the Linksys WRT54GL to forward data packets between the computers in the network, and also provide redundancy. c. Clustered services?
Clustering services will be used to provide redundancy by connecting two or more computers together to act as one computer. Load balancing clusters are used to distribute client connections over multiple servers.

WAN Infrastructure:
1. Circuits Type/Provider:
a. New Mexico?
The circuit from the central office to the New Mexico location is a T1 dedicated connection provided by Comcast Business Class internet service.
b. California?
The circuit from the Central office to the California location is a T1 dedicated connection provided by Comcast Business Class internet service. d. Central Office?
The circuit from the gateway to the Central office is a T3 dedicated connection provided by Comcast Business Class internet services e. Internet?
The circuit from the internet to the gateway of the network is a T3 dedicated connection provided by Comcast Business Class internet services.
2. WAN Topology?
The WAN topology of the network including the central office, the New Mexico location, and the California location is Star topology. Each location is connected to the next with a dedicated T1 connection. 4. Circuit failure/outage plan?
The use of ring topology in the network will provide each node another avenue of communication if there should be a failure. 5. Firewall/IDS implementation?
The firewall and Intrusion Detection system will be scheduled through and maintained by the Norton 360 version 6.0 security suites.
5. DMZ services:
a. ….one implementation for a DMZ zone in the network is the use of a mail server. This will allow communication between the inside network and the outside network.
b. …. A second implementation for a DMZ zone is the use of a web server. This will allow the customers to access the information and services provided by the company.
c. … A third implementation for a DMZ zone is a fall over firewall that will allow communication from the outside network to the inside network with predetermined restrictions.
6. Remote Access services?
Remote access services will be provided with the use of the Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 software which will allow remote access of computers efficiently, manage help desk issues quickly, and connections to remote devices simple and secure. 7. WAN Monitoring/Management tools?

WAN monitoring and management will be controlled by the System and Network Monitor (SNM) application, which is a tool that monitors, graphs and alerts on computing devices and services.

LAN Infrastructure: 1. Router(s)? The routers used in the network are Cisco ISR G2 modules which contain media service engines to deliver rich media capabilities and enhanced EtherSwitches that offer industry leading layer 2 and layer3 switching. 2. Switches?
The switches used in the network are Cisco Nexus 3000 series that offer low latency in high frequency areas and increased application performance through wire rate layer 3 switching. 3. Patch Panel?
The patch panel is a Cisco Catalyst Inline Patch Panel. This device enables inline power for Cisco multiservice enabled catalyst switches. 4. Labs; Model Office, Development, Training?
Training will be provided for all employees on a regular monthly schedule to introduce and provide instruction on new components in the network infrastructure. 5. Building Cabling?
The cables to supply internet to the network is shielded twisted twisted-pair coaxial cable. The cables that connect the components of the network are category 5 stranded cables with RJ-45 round wire connections. 6. LAN Infrastructure Monitoring/Management tools?
The monitoring and management tools for the LAN Infrastructure will be the installed Network and System Monitor application. This application will monitor, graph, and provide alerts on computing devices and services within the LAN.
Systems Architecture: 1. Email Services?
The email service of the company Widget’s World will be provided by Google Business e-mail through an independent e-mail server on the network site which will also act a DMZ location. 2. Internet/Intranet/Extranet Services?
The internet service is supplied by Comcast business class internet services, the intranet is supplied and controlled by an intranet data center located within the network. The extranet service is provided by using a secure link (tunnel) across the internet and used in a (VPN). 3. OS Platform Server/Client?
The Operating System platform is Microsoft and the client service datacenter for this company is Microsoft Server 2008 R2. 4. User Security/Access management platform?
The security in this company is controlled by the use of a user- level security platform. This security platform ensures the security of the company data by only allowing pre-designated users with the appropriate passwords into specify information. 5. Naming Resolution services?
The naming resolution services in the Widget’s World network is the process of caching URL’s that had previously been performed lookups for DNS. 6. Client Application delivery model?
The model used for client application delivery is Citirx XenApp. This application is a thin client product that is used to allow users to connect to the companies applications. 7. Specialized company applications?
Specialized applications of this company would include specialized design and personalization concepts and tools that focus on the development of widgets.
HelpDesk services: 1. Trouble Ticket management system/process?
The trouble ticket management system will consist of a database that records all data that consists of trouble in the network. These data are managed by the business logic layer of an application. 2. Employee training processes?
The employee training processes will consist of regular employee training schedule to keep the employees up-to-date on changing processes, procedures, software, and hardware that is implemented into the business. 3. Employee technology usage policies?
The company will have written policies describing the ways the technology available in the network will be used by the employees.

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