Leaps of Abstraction

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So here I am , back with a hiatus of sorts, riding on the ever-running tide of life.
Times change, perceptions grow , we just look at the same reality with a different outlook , a better understanding of the past gone by.. epic realizations of the silly notions we used to harbor.
We don't have a guide or a mentor who can teach us the finer nuances of life, we realize that the real treasure of what makes us happy and satisfied lies within us. For those finer reasons best known to us that make us content, we try bonding with the ones who make our living even more delightful and worth it.
I have experienced a flurry of emotions in the times gone by and chose to experience them deeper to know what makes me, even if it meant living on my own terms - disconnected on many levels , trying to get a hold of 'myself' , only to realize this is going to take me a lifetime!
The little findings that i have done till now have been utterly astonishing to say the least. Not only you realize what makes you content, the drive to achieve it becomes all the more enhanced. You stop listening to the turmoil outside and suddenly start respecting the once stifling inner voice that never got it's due recognition! And lo! you are set on the path to fulfill yourself on those many levels.
You would say that it is a vicious cycle of desire but if you carefully run your thread of thoughts through that tiny needle of life , most of the desires wouldn't make it through the hole .
This would mean, the things that make you content to the core and not just superficial wants we keep harboring day after day only to be replaced by more embellishing ones. The CORE. Yes, that's the word. If something touches you to the inner CORE that's about it.
How many of us have actually experienced that ONE moment when everything else blurs and we are in that trance orgasmic moments of sorts ( No, i don't…...

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