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Assignment 2: Legal Advice

Professor Edward Pedrero
LEG 100
1 March 2012

Describe the company and the major initiative(s) they have planned for the next 5 years.
Johnson & Johnson, a fortune 500 company, is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer packaged goods manufacture. The headquarters are located in New Brunswick, NJ. They are currently the sixth-largest consumer health company, and the world fifth-largest biologic company. Johnson & Johnson claims the title of the world’s largest and most diverse of medical devices and Diagnostics Company. This company is notorious for running many initiatives in the hopes of helping others and their well beings. For example, in September 2011 J&J announced the launch of every mother, every child, a comprehensive, five year, private-sector effort to improve the health of woman and children in developing countries. It’s an initiative which supports the United Nations’ April 2010 call for a renewed effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of reducing morality in woman and children by 2015. There are four main programs to achieve the goal, which are mobile health for mothers, intestinal worms in children, R&D innovations, and Safe Birth Programs. "Every Woman, Every Child has shown what can be achieved through close cooperation between the UN, governments, and the private sector," said United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. "A great deal has been achieved in the last year. Visionary leaders recognize the value of investing in the health of women and children." ("About Johnson & Johnson,") In 2011, they have added even more programs to continue to success in the every mother, every child movement. For example, Helping Babies Breathe (HBB), a new safe births initiative strengthening training programs to help…...

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