Legalization of Hemp

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Nicholas Burns
Intro to Philosophy
28 September 2013

Legalization of Hemp

Before you can understand my philosophical belief we must first take a brief look at the history of Marijuana and its more resourceful counterpart Hemp. Hemp has uses for over 20,000 things including fuel, food, construction material, clothing, paint, and even making more durable and longer lasting paper. Hemp was so versatile and heavily cultivated that during the mid-1600 to the early 1800’s you could pay taxes with hemp. There was even a law in Colonial Virginia that made it illegal to not grow hemp. Marijuana was a word created around the 1930’s to slander the good name of hemp. Marijuana, otherwise known as hemp, was quickly regarded as evil and eventually became illegal in September of 1937. Why was this plant that was so heavily cultivated seen as violence causing drug? When, it was in fact used in numerous healing products around the world. Why are we still enforcing this barbaric law when our great ancestors cultivated it for thousands of years? After the prohibition law of marijuana was passed it was known to be the root of all evil. People were soon pumped full of yellow-journalism about this miracle plant saying “Marijuana makes people full of anger” during the 1930’s. When communism was beginning to be suspected in America, marijuana was again falsely linked to “Pacifying soldiers and making them not want to fight”. This legalization of Hemp needs to be now. In today’s world there are so many problems that hemp could easily solve. Hemp oil, which can be used in plastics, is bio-degradable so it doesn’t harm Mother Nature. Hemp could not only be of use to medicinal marijuana patients but to the general public as well. Hemp is known to cure a lot of aliments so people wouldn’t need to go to the doctors all the time. Industrializing hemp could end world hunger, because so…...

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