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Lessons Learned Paper
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Lessons Learned Paper
Critical Thinking
I learned so much more about critical thinking then I ever knew before I attended this class. I learned about critical thinking in previous classes and I thought I had a good understanding of the subject. I now understand that information was the foundation for this class.
In class this week, I learned to use critical thinking to identify assumptions and situatedness in people’s writing and speaking. I learned that everyone makes assumptions, and a certain amount of assumptions are good. I was taught early on that assumptions are bad. I remember the old saying, to assume will make an ass out of you and me. I now see that was a very simpleton statement.
This class has opened my eyes and provided a moment of learning showing me that I make assumptions all the time. Every minute of the day I am assuming things about the world around me. Even though I think I understand the situation, I maybe only understanding the situation because I am assuming more than I realize. I just learned that my assumptions are tied to my situatedness.
Situatedness is a new word that has just been added to my vocabulary. I now understand I that I see the world through filters that my situatedness constructed for me. My Situatedness is the way I view the world from all the experiences that I have had in my life. I did not know that my view of the world is completely different from everyone else’s view of the world. Everyone has their own individual view of the world and their situatedness is a window into that world.
I now understand that an assumption is constructed from the situatedness of that person. Situatedness is the mindset or the way an individual views his world. Everyone has their own situatedness, and they display it in their views, in their decisions, and in their…...

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