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Why Am I Ready For College
Dohnavyn LeDuff
John F. Kennedy

Going to college has always been a dream to me. My parents have always said "to do well in school because if you do a good job in college you'll have an easier job of getting into college". I feel I am ready for college because I work hard and when I want something bad I put my all into it. My life isn't one of those struggling lives me and my family have for the most part had a good household. I grew up in a happy house hold were there were few problems. I had tried to take my mom’s advice of getting good grades and trying to be the best I could be but for some reason when I hit high school all of that changed. I wanted to be cool and well liked and the only way I felt I could do that was to lower my grades ditch class and hang with bad kids who thought they were "cool". I struggled for a long time I didn't learn my lesson even after to going to therapy. Being cool and popular was my main. Priority. When I got a little clue it was too late my mom took me out of Santiago and I transferred to a school called river springs during my sophomore year. I extremely hated that school and did everything I could to leave. Likewise though my grades at that school were actually good I had a 3.0 for first semester and a 2.9 second semester. My time came through for me to leave that school. I asked my mom if I could transfer to john f. Kennedy she told me yes so I sent an application and I was accepted. It was a new school and I struggled first semester and I didn't do too well but second semester I brought my gap up a lot. I have always tried to follow my mom’s advice but sometimes it just doesn't work out the way I want to. Going to college is a goal I want to meet so that I can peruse a carrier in video game design and work for square nix. I have been through many struggles I have hurt. People I cared deeply about. I have stolen from people, laid, cheated and, argued with anybody who I didn't like. I had to go too consoling twice apparently I don't learn my lesson the first time. I have cried many of nights and made my family cry for mistakes that they never should have cried about. If I didn't change my attitude my only two options were either jail or death because I wanted to "hard" as it were and I became a very untrustworthy person. I have had to change my whole life style to fit people I thought I wanted to be like. I had no idea who Dohnavyn was I was just a person trying to find him and the only route that I felt was the easiest to go by was the one that left me being bad or as what we call cool. If I can get accepted into college it would be an amazing goal that I want to achieve. I don't want to hurt my family no more I want to make my family be happy when the mention my name. I have caused them enough grief to write a dictionary. I feel I'm ready for college because I like challenges I like to work things out and see how to make something better. Than it already is. I want to go to college because I need to work on my people's skills. Even though I can make friends easy I need to improve in not talking back and listen to what is being said and not replying with my mouth but with my mind. College is a place I feel that can help me in this area. Even though just going out into the workforce may seem like a good idea I don't think it is because some jobs require a college degree and I do not want to spend the rest of my life flipping burgers at burger king. Getting this college degree has so many doors to open and the only way I can see this ever happening is getting that college degree. If I can go to college I have so much to offer I will do my up most best to work the hardest I can and make sure I don't fall even a day behind. I think I am ready for college because I have been through a lot I didn't just have an easy life so to. Speak but I had to make some grown man decisions. I have struggled and over came because if I hadn't I’d probably not be here right now. But thanks to my parents, friends, and god I am. I am ready for college because they only way I can get a good job and have a happy life are to go to college. Going to college is like almost everyone’s dream because everyone wants to be extremely happy and have a good job a nice house and a nice car. It seems like though the only way to achieve this is to attain a college degree. Through all my struggles I have become a very trustworthy person. I have learned a lot about respecting people and how I should carry myself. I fell that I can always improve and going to college and actually experiencing it will help me in that area. I want to attain a college degree too make my family happy and make myself happy. I am ready for college because I know how to overcome obstacles. Listening to my mom is what I want her to say I have accomplished and for her to be to be happy. For me to have a life. I want to make a better name and be the best I know I can…...

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