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Lets Get Practical In today’s graduating high school class everyone thinks the same. They are required to do just about everything the same. Students are not taught to think outside the box. By the time they leave high school they are not an individual yet. Yes, they can write a paper but it isn't their own thought. Yes they can spend money, but do they know how to manage and save it. Because of the lack of outside world knowledge, high school should shift to a more practical and individualized curriculum.
It would benefit the high school students to learn more practical things because, they need to learn the everyday tasks that are required as adults. When students graduate, most if not all do not know how to balance a checkbook, manage a bank account, or even know how to budget. They need to be taught how to resit the never ending urge to buy something they know they do not need. A money management class will teach them how to be responsible with their money and teach them the benefits of saving. If I had of learned these tools while in high school, I would most likely have a car and my license by mid summer. But because I lack in these traits I will have to save and wait until next march to drive. If they are taught these things they will not have to face the burden of feeling and being unprepared for life.
By teaching them time management there would be fewer mistakes made. They would have the proper time to be able to process their thoughts, and write them down for them to be understood. There would be less errors because they are not rushing to get it done at the last minute. I know I myself have a huge problem with time management. I will go to class come home and think I have enough time to watch tv,and relax until it was time to do some homework. Then after find out its going to take all day to do my assignment. Sometimes it just never gets done…...

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