Lets Get Things Sorted

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Let’s Get Things Sorted

1. Write a summary of Let’s Get Things Sorted in about 150 words:

The text Let’s Get Things Sorted is about a man called Paul, who finds his wife Lindsay’s sister lying crying on their doorstep. He invites Linda inside and tries to figure out whats wrong with her. He think that the reason why she is there, is because of some of her problems with school, boyfriend and so on. Paul makes her some coffee and afterwards he is going in to tell Lindsay that her sister is on visit. Lindsay is going to the lounge looking dreadful and then suddenly Lindsay and Paul starts a fight. She is vomitting and doesn’t want to get dressed with a new nightie. They have a big fight about their relationship and in the end, Linda and Paul is trying to clean up the mess that Lindsay made. Linda goes out to the kitchen to take some drugs, but Paul discovers it and declares that he thinks the family is fucked up.

2. Characterize Linda:

Linda is a young girl with a lot of problems. It is said in the text that she is going on college, because Paul asks Linda how it goes on college and that shows us that Linda is about 20 years old or so. Sometimes Linda has problems with her boyfriend, school and friends. Linda also have another big problem, she is taking some drugs and maybe she is a drug addict. In the end of the story she is about to take some pills, which she calls “magic beans”. The reason why she call them magic beans is because they maybe has a “magic” effect such as being high on drugs. Fortunately she dosen’t have time to take the drugs, because Paul discovers it and he throw them out of the window. Linda gets really mad and tries to cheat him by saying that the pills were on prescriptioon. When Paul leaves, she sneaks out to get them. Paul asks in interest what is wrong with her, because she was lying on the doorstep crying…...

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Let's Get Things Sorted

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