Let's Get Together

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Let’s Get Together
Our leadership at Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland, has worked hard to create a mission-first, team-first staff culture. We work hard to facilitate, encourage, and protect this culture with existing staff, but we work extra hard to ensure prospective staff understand, buy in, and fit in with our culture.
In fact, we believe selecting new staff to join our team at Mountain is one of the most important tasks of leadership. Few decisions have a longer-term impact on a church’s health and mission than the people it hires. Selecting wisely can move the mission forward and heighten a positive staff culture. Selecting poorly can derail or deter the mission, hold back a given ministry area, or create negative energy within the entire church.
We always enter the hiring process by stating clearly that we want what God wants. If God is directing us to hire someone, we believe we can determine his will through a deliberate process. This includes face-to-face contact and the involvement of discerning people.
Getting a Clear Picture
Our goal is to get a clear picture of the candidate’s “four C’s”: character, competence, chemistry, and calling.
Character is the heart and integrity of a Christian leader.
Competence includes the skill sets, gifts, education, experience, and leadership required to fulfill the responsibilities.
Chemistry is the degree to which a person fits within the staff team and staff culture. This includes the specific team in which the person would be serving and the church staff as a whole.
Calling is the person’s sense of God’s voice directing him or her to this particular role, to our particular church and mission, and to impact our community (the most unchurched county in Maryland).
We can gain some understanding of these qualities through phone calls, reference checks, and a personal questionnaire, but we gain the most…...

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