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“Live On”

You, little one who cries every day and dreams without a smile every night, hear me out and don’t lose yourself.
Do not give up because, to live on, you have to fight.

Small yet big girl, stop crying every wrong done you.
Focus on what you do and who you are.
Realize already you are hurting others too.
See you neglect the friends you don’t know you have, though about that you truly don’t have a clue.

Defenseless girl, take off your grey and wet blindfold.
Notice the hands that are trying to reach you for you to hold.
It is for you that they are trying so hard, and the distance between you and them is not a yard.

Confused girl, perhaps it is unfair to you.
You are just a kid, but you already feel like this.
You feel misunderstood; you feel unnecessary.
You think you’re falling into an abyss.
You feel you are incompetent at expressing yourself.
You think you’ve for too long been amiss.
You question life; you cannot understand its meaning.
You don’t know you’re too young to know of what life consists.
You don’t know what to think of yourself; you question your existence.
You are so weary and frustrated at how your flow of tears persists!
However, not all is sorrow; not everything is aching sadness.
Behind the loneliness you obsess about, there is also bliss.
You can become strong. You can find happiness. You can live!
But for that to be, you first have to believe your will exists.

Blind girl, God and many others love you so much!
Tears don’t let you see it, but that love is there for you to touch.

Weak girl, you need help, yet you feel helpless.
You just don’t know you have to ask for it…
So gather your strength and scream for it if you must.
That you are lonely and weak, you have to admit.

Naïve girl, don’t hate yourself for not being strong;
You are just human after all.
Lift your gaze from the floor, look at the surrounding throng.
You are not the only victim of life’s trials; you are not alone, so, do not doubt that life is where you belong.

Child, innocent and on which life smiles upon, to your hidden strength
I plead to dawn.
To you, young person,
I command to live on.

You, big-hearted tiny soul, stop thinking so hard.
To live on, you just have to follow your heart.
That sensation that you feel now deep inside is called ‘a new start’.
Libia G. Lee
Alan Webb
April 28th, 2010…...

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