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QUESTIONS 1. Identify and describe all the different types or forms of innovation exemplified in this article by explaining with data and facts from this case.

Product Innovation (the development of an improved product)

Dell is the only computer company which offers its customers the built-to-order model. The customers can choose which components they want to have in their computer and can adapt it to their needs.

Process Innovation (the development of a new manufacturing process)
Dell has brought a maniacal focus to shaving minutes off the time to assemble and ship a computer. By studying videotapes of "the build," as they call it, factory managers have slashed in half the number of times a computer is touched by workers. They've counted the screws in a PC and redesigned it so that the major components simply snap in place. The entire process, from the time the order is taken to when the finished PC exits the factory, is wrapped up in four to eight hours.
Organizational Innovation (a new internal communication; introduction of a new accounting procedure)

Dell has a very good communication. As they standing under so much pressure regarding to the fact that they have no inventory, they have to have this skill. There is even a round-the-clock communication with the parts makers overseas existing, which helped them to handle with the lockout in 2002. Without this communication they had never managed it through it. With the built-to-order principle Dell has also changed its financial model (introduction of a new accounting procedure). Dell receives the payment from its customers immediately, through credit cards, online or over the telephone. But Dell doesn’t pay its suppliers until 36 days after it receives payment from the customers, therefore they achieved a cash-convention cycle of negative 36 days. So they are operating with negative working…...

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Living in Dell Time

...Living in Dell Time 1. Identify and describe all the different types or forms of innovation exemplified in this article by explaining with data and facts from the case (10 points). First they are using a production innovation the just-in-time model. (It is a strategy for inventory management in which raw materials and components are delivered from the vendor or supplier immediately before they are needed in the manufacturing process.) Inventory has been a form of security but this kind of security is very expensive because computer parts are fast moving goods, and if your stock is full of these goods you will lose a lot of money. Kevin Rollins the CEO of Dell said, “inventory is like fish, the longer you keep it the faster it deteriorates.” Eleven years ago Dell carried 20 to 25 day of inventory in their warehouses and today they don’t have a warehouse. But if it fails, its manufacturing operations will crash within a matter of hours. But they also said that if you have your stock full of components, always you will have a lot of the wrong stuff and none of the right stuff. Many companies are not sure if it´s good of running so lean in an uncertain world, because you never safe for terrorist attacks or natural disasters. Another innovation is when they miss a forecast and they see they are running out of 15-inch flat screens they make for example a one week special of 17-inch screens in that time they sell it cheaper and so they lead the customer what they should buy...

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